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High Blood Pressure Remedies

Today we will discuss about high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure is very common. If the person 35 per cent of adults it can lead to heart attack strokes and kidney failure and we don’t want that. Fortunately high blood pressure is easy to diagnose and to treat. All you need is have somebody check your blood pressure using a blood pressureA�sphygmomanometer. So there are also electronic types of BPA for those which are very easy. So how do you know if you have high blood pressure or not.

That means that it’s normal. But the blood pressure is 122 to 139 the systolic blood pressure the first number or your destiny is 82 89. That means it’s a little high. So we have to monitor it. If your blood pressure is higher than 140 systolic or a 90 day a systolic that means it’s quite high and you may need to institute lifestyle changes and maybe take medicines later on. And if your blood pressure is higher than 160 over 100 then that’s quite high and you need to see your doctor.

There are four effective lifestyle changes to reduce your blood pressure. Number one you have to lower your salt. est less salt. Excerpt an extra effort to lower your salt intake it can reduce your blood pressure maybe by five to ten points. Second you have to lose weight if you’re overweight if you lose fat excess pounds this can lower your blood pressure by around five to ten point.

You have to exercise daily and walk more.A�Trying to eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. There are four common medicines that doctors give for high pressure patients. It begins with the letter E B C and D stands for ACE inhibitors such as yours. This is the genericine. It’s good for patients who are they have debase or goes with heart failure. Fortunately in 5 percent of cases patients may get caught. So if you get caught you shift it to another drug. B is for back a blocker versus a simplified method for a lot. It’s good for patients with China but they are patients with heart disease.

So this is quite low key. That they see for calcium and thank goodness we have a lot to gain and it’s a very powerful drug. It’s good for patients with high blood pressure. But in a few patients they have leg swelling or edema. You can preach or high blood pressure with lifestyle changes. And later on your doctor may give you medicines.

So dona��t worry about these medicines that are very effective and they can prolong your life by ten to moreA�years accordingly to some studies. So do yourself a favor get to a BP check today and I do hope you take Good care of yourself for your family and for yourself.

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