10 Natural Tips How To Stay Young

Today we would like to share with you ten tips on how to stay young.

1A�- Eat breakfast daily

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. when you eat breakfast you get more energy you can concentrate more. If you don’t eat breakfast you’re tired restless.

2- Consider taking the tomato sauce and drinking green tea. to make the sauce. They have lycopene that’s why spaghetti with make the tomato sauce and catch up. They’re both very green beans Coptic and some scientists say it can help.


3- Number three eat more fruits and vegetables every day or two cups of assorted vegetables 2 cups assorted groups every day. This is for the average person. It will help give you the vitamins and minerals you need rest for the day for food.

4- Everything in moderation. Some people take a high protein diet high fat diet high carbohydrate diet. It just confuses the body. So regarding would just take everything in moderation.

5- Be in love. Studies show that married people tend to live longer than single people. Being in love it really says and their kids are happy hormones.

6- Laughter is still the best medicine. When we let our body really says happy from our study shows that when we watch a funny video your mood improves you feel less angry less irritable and your overall of the day is better.

7- Have a group of support friends have a close friend when you talk with your close friend and you have a headache. It’s like your head they go somewhere and having a close friend like having a good doctor can help make you happier. you feel younger.

Number eight for married people. This is quite controversial. But have a healthy sex life. There are studies that show that people have sex two to three times a week. They have fewer heart attacks and fewer strokes compared to people who have sex once a month. It’s also good exercise for the heart. But of course for older people we have to see a cardiologist first


9- Take safety precautions wear a seatbelt to drink and drive. Use common sense rules. Stay away from danger illicit drugs and safe sex first. You live longer than her last day

10- Trying to get enough sleep. every day around seven to eight hours of sleep possible resting and sleeping are the best ways to heal and energize your body. If you can’t sleep you know insomnia just like them in bed. So that’s good enough for us. Whatever relaxes you. It’s good for your heart and good. I hope this little health care help you.